A Few Great Things

“Invite others to wonder with you.”

- Austin Kleon

1. Quoted from Robbie Robertson: “I play guitar quite a bit because I’m always in search of something. I don’t play to jam, but because I’m fishing. I’m looking for something that I hope you can never find. If I do find it, then I’m afraid I won’t have a need to do this any more.” (Globe & Mail, 3/2/11)

2. Austin Kleon’s blog postHow to Steal Like and Artist (and 9 other things nobody told me). A few lines in and I was scribbling furiously in my notebook. I particularly liked #10, “Creativity is Subtraction.”

3. Playing lots and lots of great Beatles tunes. It reminded me of the very first piece of music that made me cry, She’s Leaving Home. I was about seven years old, listening to my older brother’s prized Beatles record on the portable record player. The words and the music conspired and I was completely overcome (Standing alone at the top of the stairs/She breaks down and cries to her husband/Daddy our baby’s gone); a lovely sort of sadness that comes along once in awhile. 40-odd years later these words mean something a little different, as I contemplate the September departure of the Resident Teenager as he goes off in the world.

4. Newspaper blackout poetry. I could spend way too much time doing this. I can also see its application to music that has too many notes might benefit from pruning.

5. The flower art my Little Neighbour left on my sidewalk, a hint of spring made with a stubby piece of chalk (pink, of course) and a wobbly 4-year-old hand. Loved it! Did not love the rain that later washed it away, followed by ice pellets, wet snow, and more rain. But I do like the pink smudge that remains, an echo of the crooked flower. There’s hope for spring yet.


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