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Reading at Dalhousie University

I’m really excited about this reading – I’ll be reading a bit from my novel and talking about the creative process and how it allowed me to write about something I’d never have dreamed about writing until I came across a shiny object… and decided to pay attention to it. Hope to see some of you there!    
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(It’s my habit to mark Remembrance Day by posting this fine piece of writing by my father, who was a soldier with the Royal Navy during World War II. An encounter with two small boys in the rubble in bombed-out Bristol changed his life.)
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Remembrance: Mustard Gas

My grandfather, Arthur “Geoff” Christie, fought in the First World War, in France, as a member of the cycle-mounted infantry. He was a victim of early chemical warfare, blinded during a mustard gas attack in 1918. He was sent to England where he convalesced at a country estate-turned-hospital and, thankfully, his eyesight returned. My grandfather spoke little of his wartime experiences. As a child I thought it
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