Book Jacket

“The envisioned final product, smelling of glue and freshly sliced paper, hangs as a shining mirage luring me through many a gray writing day.”

- John Updike

Much excitement around here the other day. An email arrived from Editor J with the biggest attachment my computer has ever accepted, albeit grudgingly, and well it might: it was the full jacket of my novella.

There it was in teal splendor, the Quattro Books logo next to the title, Harbour View, and the author’s name, separated by a photograph of a suspiciously familiar fiddle head (not of the eating variety). The back cover has… well, it has all that back cover stuff, including a book blurb and comments written by authors whose work I deeply admire – enough to make a girl blush, really! I had a small conniption on the spot, a fleeting moment of jitters, before screeching at my family to come and see.

They all thumped up the stairs and crowded around the computer, and made admiring noises. The Resident Canine had to nose around and see what all the fuss was about; she yodelled her opinion and dispensed a few random licks. I basked as the Business Guy and our two grown children admired politely, until one of them said, “Who’s up for cards?”

My family keeps me truly grounded.

(For a peek at the cover, please see my shiny new Harbour View page)


(Contributions to the Lemons first-liner contest are trickling in. Keep them coming for a shot at a signed copy of Harbour View!)

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