Book Review

Book Tour 2014 has officially ended. What a whirl it’s been – Halifax, Muskegon, Toronto, Halifax again, Parrsboro, Kingston, Toronto again, Mahone Bay… (have I left anything out?) And what a lovely opportunity to introduce a whole lot of people to a certain silent movie comedian, elements of his life in vaudeville, and his movies.

Now it’s time for a break.Napping (crop)(size)

Soon I’ll climb into the pit for my 25th year of Nutcracker. I’ve yet to see a performance of it, but I love Tchaikovsky’s score, even after playing it over 400 times.

More readings and such in the new year.

Meanwhile, should anyone be inclined to add a signed copy of Like Any Other Monday to his/her holiday wish list, please see my books page to order a copy.

And for those who might not be familiar with The, here’s a link to a review of my novel.

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