Chapter 4

“Inspiration, then, is the impulse which sets creation in movement; it is also the energy which keeps it going.”

- Roger Sessions

Inspiration comes when I least expect it; it never fails to amaze me.

My latest stroke of inspiration came early this morning, while I was preparing my application for Writing Camp. I had fulfilled all the administrative requirements but one, meaning I’d written my cover letter explaining a bit about myself and my writing project (not as easy as it sounds), and filled out the application, including my credit card number (which groaned in protest) (so I told it to shaddup, it’s worth going further into debt for this, buddy!). What remained was for me to choose a fifteen-page writing sample from my novel manuscript.


It took some doing, but finally I settled on Chapter 4. While I was fiddling around with my selection, it hit me: S. is the only character to show any kindness to Mr N., and so Mr N. wills — to her, leaving her a nest-egg which then allows X, Y, and Z to happen for S. and her children, M. and R., which then gives me a better idea of where R. stands in the present, looking back on all of this. Get it?

Had I not decided to apply for Writing Camp, I might not have examined Chapter 4 so closely. And then where would I be?


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