1 a form of art in which various materials (e.g. photographs, pieces of paper, fabric, or wood) are arranged and glued to a backing. a work of art done in this way. a collection of unrelated things.

 - Oxford English Dictionary

1. Lots to think about and plenty to write as the daylight stretches from one end of the day to the other. The late-afternoon sky is a collage of greys, pinks, and the cold, cold white of a winter sun peering through the lacework of tree branches. The black silhouette of a nearby church steeple brings to mind a story told to me recently about a church bell taken by the enemy and melted down to form cannon balls, the irony of which is far too jarring, even all these years later.

2. As more stories are told to me, I interpret them in the frenzied, private first-draft scribble, connecting this fact with that imagined character, weaving real-life truths within the truth of a story.

3. Up for consideration are the differences between the word “collaborate” and “collaborate”, a word which happens fo sit directly above “collage” in the dictionary:

Collaborate - 1 work jointly, esp. in a literary or artistic production. 2cooperate traitorously with an enemy.

I would never have expected two more different meanings of one word, the first being a positive means to an end, and the second being the complete opposite. I try to find an adequate alternative to the work I’m doing with someone else, and I notice two things: In cahoots, collude, come together, and hook up have little bearing on our working together toward story; and it seems to have been a while since I used my Roget’s Thesaurus – at least I think it’s the Roget’s, but it’s hard to tell from ‘way up here with the book on the floor. The print has shrunk, you see, to the point where my arms are no longer long enough to hold it at the proper distance.

4. My Little Neighbour, having tired of her younger-not-smaller sister’s curls, did away with them, and carried on the experiment with half of her own ponytail. Upon returning from the hairdresser, who did a stellar job of concealing the damage, Little C announced, “He judged me, Daddy.” I don’t know which is harder to conceive, anyone judging a sweet little four-year-old, or said four-year-old having an inkling about being judged.

5. I found this interesting, and thoughtfully written.

The sun now settled into darkness, I’ll stop writing for today.

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