“Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels.”

 - Faith Whittlesee

There’s been a ramped-up interest in clothing around here, perhaps due to the influence of certain Little Neighbours, who recently tap-tapped their way along the sidewalk to show off their new shoes . Their Auntie had recently been to Spain, and she saw fit to bring them polka-dotted flamenco shoes with straps and – yes – heels.

Little C managed splendidly, daintily making her way along the sidewalk with nary a wobble. Her younger-but-not-smaller sister, S, fared a little differently, clomping along forcefully with a single, tiny ponytail sprouting from the top of her head and her gappy grin firmly in place until she reached our house, at which point she yanked the shoes off her stout feet and hurled them across the lawn. At the age of two I might have done the same.

(And if I’m honest with myself, at the age of 49 I most certainly would.)

Around the same time, the Resident Teenager (RT) was thinking ahead to his high school graduation. A suit was required. We hied ourselves to a place of suit-buying, I’m glad to say Canadian in origin, although I wish I could say it was the local tailor, but such places no longer exist around here, so we went to the mall. There, the most able suit salesman on the planet helped deck out the RT in sartorial splendour, down to the matching tie and pocket silk. I waved the magic credit card, and the deal was done.

Within 24 hours of the RT’s graduation, the Non-Resident-Non-Teenager’s graduation also happened. Further credit-card waving, and she was bedecked, crisp and elegant in summery linen.

All of which is to say, I am now the proud mother of two who have moved on with style and aplomb to places of higher (and higher still) learning. So it was understandable when, after 18 years of getting kids off to school in the morning, I felt on a recent weekday morning that it was time I slept in a little.

Flamenco Girls


So I woke up at 7:30.

Thinking about dancing the fandango.

Wondering if flamenco shoes come in my size.

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