Focus, A Bestseller & Some Shopping Tips

“Every day you do a little bit and you hope it’ll all come into focus.

- Alex Colville

1. Trying to find the quiet time in a busy day, in a series of busy days, is the challenge. Some days it doesn’t happen at all; others, the words slip out onto the page with relative ease. I’ll take what I can get.

2. Meanwhile, many thanks to Dear Readers who have bought, read, and shared copies of Harbour View. Thanks to you, it’s now a minor Canadian bestseller!

3. Should anyone be wondering what to add to their holiday shopping list, Harbour View is available for purchase at Bookmark in Halifax, Chapters/Indigo – yes, even Kobo! -  Quattro Books, and of course, right here at my website.

4. AND… Here’s a suggestion for anyone wondering what to give the young readers in their lives: a subscription to Real Kids Magazine. Like every Canadian literary journal, this one needs subscribers. Five issues for $20 is hard to say no to… And by the way, the April 2011 issue (Elementary, NOT Junior) will feature my children’s story These Jammies Give Me Nightmares.

Happy shopping. Now it’s time for me to do that little bit of writing and hope it’ll all come into focus.

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