Fun with Lemons

“I use the proportions of a very dry martini, since you can always add more lemon but you can’t take it out.”

- Julia Child’s Basic Vinaigrette recipe (Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom) 

The Business Guy has been having some fun with the opening line to the excerpt I posted last week. At unexpected moments he’ll turn to me with a scholarly, yet dreamy look, and hit me with a guerilla opening line, such as:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And so she marvelled at the lemons.”


“Once upon a time, she marvelled at the lemons.

This is perhaps my favourite:

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… she marvelled at the lemons.”

Should Dear Reader feel so inclined as to contribute to the growing collection, perhaps s/he might incorporate a favourite opening line with She marvels at the lemons (using the appropriate tense, of course), and send it to me through myContact Page.

Do I smell a giveaway? It seems the cool bloggers are always finding excuses to hold a giveaway. My excuse: I’m coming up to the first anniversary of writing this blog. And that date coincides with the release of my novella, Harbour View.

I will choose randomly among the submissions, and contact the winner. The prize: a free copy of Harbour View, signed at the top of Chapter 3, which opens with the soon-to-be-classic (according to the Business Guy) line, She marvels at the lemons.

Dear Readers, sharpen your pencils and ready your lemon zesters.

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