Good Grief!

“What do you mean, Beethoven wasn’t so great?!”

- Schroeder

Summer has arrived and is putting on a beautiful show in our neck of the woods. While other areas of the country are weltering in sauna-like conditions, we’re enjoying sunny days warm enough to merit T-shirts, but cooled by the sea breeze. The skies are blue, “…pure blue skies, skies that travellers compare to those of Switzerland…” (name that Elizabeth Bishop story*), and daylight stretches well into the evening, perfect for liesurely strolls around the neighbourhood with a willing canine, breathing the linden-sweetened air.

The passage of summer marks the dwindling days of having a Resident Teenager (RT) about the house, as my youngest will be heading off to the wild blue yonder in September to pursue theatre studies. In the meantime, the RT is relishing his summer as a gainfully-employed actor. This week is the opening of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” which will be a rollicking good time filled with iconic moments near and dear to those of us who cut our reading teeth on Charlie Brown books. We have a bookshelf dedicated to the Peanuts Gang, old books with yellowed pages still brilliant with Lucy’s temper tantrums, Linus’ words of wisdom, Schroeder’s reverence for Beethoven, and Charlie Brown’s sighs of “Good grief!”

When I think of the happy summertime hours I spent as a child, curled up reading those books, and now one of my own will be playing one of my favourite Peanuts characters! The RT has been well-cast as Schroeder, putting his years of piano study to good use as he tonks away on a giant toy piano – another pianist in the pit band, but still. Schroeder.

Good grief!

(* In the Village)


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