Good News

I tell the Business Guy that every time I open my email, I see it as an opportunity for some editor to bring me good news . In the face of such optimism, the much more regular arrival of rejections isn’t such a bad thing. A rejection means someone, somewhere, has read one of my stories.

Thank you for your submission. After careful consideration, we have decided not to publish…

… is what I’ve come to expect. My usual response is to print and file the rejection, then find an envelope and send the story somewhere else.


The other day along came one of these:

It gives me great pleasure to tell you…

I sucked in my breath.

… that your manuscript is one of the two winning entries…

I grabbed the edge of my desk and read on. And this is what I took in:

I’ve won a literary contest. The award is a book contract.

The book will be published this fall.

When finally the words sank in, a noise emerged from the back of my throat, kind of a cross between a giggle and a scream. It was enough to send the cat into hiding, and bring the Resident Teenager lurching out of his Sunday morning lie-in to see what was the matter.

Oh my.

The book will be published this fall.

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