Halifax Launch

“Buddy tuned his fiddle, and Uncle Roy got out the spoons and they all just about took the floor out of the kitchen.”

- Binnie Brennan, “Cherry Pits” (A Certain Grace)

What a lovely occasion! It was a rare spring day with the sun shining and magnolia blossoms popping on my tree, and yet people came out to celebrate short stories http://bambawefushia.com/casual-dating-norge/. I was right some touched, to use a bit of local vernacular.

Editor John sent along a video greeting, which was a crowd-pleaser. One of the guests commented that it’s always great to see an enthusiastic and genuine publisher. He’s right. But gosh, a girl’s head could swell!

It’ll take me a while to process it all. In the meantime, here’s another offering, the Proust Questionnaire from Arts East Magazine.

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