Happy Anniversary!

“Music can sound like the wind and the rain, and like thunder! It can make you happy or sad, or remind you of things, like bumblebees, or birds, or.. casual dating norge. or… yellow!”

 - Trixie Spider

This week being the anniversary of the eight-show run of A Spider’s Tale, I invite you, Dear Reader, to inspect the Spider page on my website. But before you spend too much time there, I would like you to consider some of the positive things that came of A Spider’s Tale:

1. Children had a great time learning about symphony orchestras through Trixie Spider’s adventures, without realising they were learning something.

2. The parents who sat in the audience with their children learned about symphony orchestras (see above).

3. The orchestra enjoyed a fresh, new approach to children’s programming (see above).

4. The actors, designers, and crew enjoyed a fresh, new approach to children’s programming (see above).

5. The author/violist recovered nicely from the bruises incurred while she was busy pinching herself that this was actually happening.

But most of all:

6. Children had a great time learning about symphony orchestras through the adventures of Trixie Spider and her friends.

(And here’s a nifty bonus: Next time they hear the theme from the last movement of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, it won’t only be the  kids who’ll think of Trixie falling from her web and dancing on a viola.)

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