Hard Drive

“I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one.”

- Flannery O’Connor

I wrote a little story, proofread and revised it. Affixed a header, centred, and page numbers, top right, beginning on page two.

If only it were that simple.

Compared to the latter, the former was a breeze. You’d think the writing, proofreading and revision would take longer than affixing a header, centred, and page numbers, top right, beginning on page two, but no. After several hours spent trying this and that, and being led astray by the kindly-but-neutral instructions provided by my new hard drive, I decided my time would be better spent outdoors. The Resident Canine and I put on our coats (well, one of us did while the other had her leash snapped on – there will be no wussy dog-coats for the husky blend, thank you very much), and headed out into the brilliant sunshine and the sound of melting icicles dripping on pavement. Finally, a hint of spring!

It’s been a tough winter. It seems most of February was taken up with the weather doom-loop blizzard-rain-freeze-repeat, which finds us all doubled over with bad backs as a result of shovelling heavy, wet snow off the sidewalks before the snap freeze sets in, leaving us with piles of frozen muck and skating rinks for yards. Neither is good, but at least the bad-back/cleared sidewalk option means no fine from the city. Thus Saffy and I were able to walk about our neighbourhood with ease. We even paused to watch a street hockey game, which was a treat – bobbing toques, shrieks, and the slap of sticks on pavement. It was a quiet street on a Sunday morning, so there was no need for anyone to shout “Car!” and race to the sidewalk.

Our walk completed, I returned to the scene of the crime hoping that the header/page number situation would have mysteriously sorted itself out. It hadn’t. I cussed out the hard drive, then I printed the story and read it. It’s just a wee thing, barely seven hundred words, but it packs a wallop. I enjoyed reading it, and only felt the need for a tweak here and there. Into the file it goes for further ripening. In a few weeks I’ll pull it out and have another look. Maybe by then I’ll have figured out the header/page number business.

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