Holiday Things Noticed

“Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere…”

- Traditional gospel

1 The way a certain little neighbour of mine lit up the Nutcracker pit when she peered down at us during intermission and announced, “I want to come down there!” I guess the shiny tympani and gleaming brass instruments were hard to resist. One little sparkly-silver-shod foot managed to squeeze through the railing and it seemed she was on her way to joining us musicians until I distracted her with a little present – a nutcracker of her own to hang on the tree.

2. The harried, fed-up expressions on young mothers’ faces as they paraded their children into seats for the local pantomime. I remember well the exhaustion of the season when young children are involved, and how the expectations wear the mothers out. Now that I have some distance from it, I realise that the expectations are largely those of the mum.

3. The relaxed, pleased look on those very mothers’ faces at the end of the pantomime, following an enjoyable afternoon of booing the villain and cheering on the hero (in this case, a certain Resident Teenager of my acquaintance).

4. At the Lessons and Carols service where the Resident Teenager’s choir sang like gospel-shoutin’ angels, the young woman in the pew ahead of us decided she’d text her way through the Lord’s Prayer. The Business Guy thought otherwise, and suggested that unless she was texting God, she’d better put the cell phone away. (Don’t get me started on cell phone etiquette, or the lack thereof. Jussayin’.)

And finally,

5. A perfectly formed icicle, small and precise, glinted in the sun before it melted and dropped from the wreath on the fence.

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