I’m Writing, Thanks

“A child of five would understand this. Send someone to go fetch a child of five.”

- Groucho Marx

Today I lost track of the kitchen compost bin, which I eventually found outside on the deck, far from the kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised to find I’d misplaced the television set, or the dog leash, or for that matter, the dog. Not too long ago I put the towels in the refrigerator.

All of which is to say I’m writing, thanks. Pleased about the growing manuscript that’s sitting on my desk, delighted that after months and months of researching, writing, and casting about for a way in, I’ve found my toe-hold on this piece. So if I’m a little fuzzy and absent-minded (and mixing my metaphors), please excuse. I’ve got a long way to go, but at least I now have an idea of where I’m going.

But first I must go and look for the dog. I may have left her with the towels.


(PS – the Readers’ Choice Contest I mentioned last week has extended its deadline to August 20. If you’ve enjoyed reading A Certain Grace and are inclined to vote, please follow this link.)

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