Keaton Convention: Oct 2-4, 2014

“It was never my intention to write about a real-life character. I’m a fiction writer, and the people I’ve written about have always come from my own head. I made them up. Then along came Buster.”
~ Binnie Brennan

A bit of excitement has come of sending preview copies of Like Any Other Monday out in the world: I’ve been invited to speak at a convention.

I’ll be in Muskegon, Michigan from October 2-4 for the Twentieth Annual Buster Keaton Convention, surrounded by true Keaton aficionados – and even some true Keatons! I’m giving a talk on Thursday, October 2 called Writing About Buster: One Author’s Journey from Fact to Fiction (link here).

On the evening of Saturday, October 4 I’ll be doing a book signing at the Frauenthal Theatre before and after the screening of Buster’s 1921 two-reeler The Boat and his 1928 feature film, Steamboat Bill, Jr., which is one of my all-time favourites. It’ll be my first time seeing one of Keaton’s movies on the big screen – and what a screen! The Frauenthal was built in 1929 as a motion picture theatre, and has been refurbished as a performing arts centre to its former glory.

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(If you’re in the area and wish to register, please follow the link.)



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