Keep Going…

“Genius is the gold in the mine, talent is the miner who works and brings it out.”

- Marguerite Blessington

The Resident Teenager (RT) is working hard.

Rather than reinforcing the stereotype of the lazy, computer-addicted young man, he is hard at it, setting a great example around here. It’s remarkable how much a motivated young person can accomplish.

The RT’s got roles in three different theatre productions, rehearsals for which eat up his weekends and more and more evenings as opening night(s) draw near. He loves every minute of it, now that he’s had a good, strong whiff of the greasepaint.

Thinking long-term, the RT is working towards a Royal Conservatory exam which will qualify him for the next exam level, which will in turn qualify him for certain audition requirements not too far down the road. He does not love every minute of the practising, which includes scales, triads, arpeggios, ear training, sight reading, memory work, and a hefty amount of repertoire. It’s hard, hard work involving tons of repetition, which isn’t necessarily thrilling. He doesn’t always feel like doing it, but his playing has improved dramatically; even he can hear the difference, so he keeps going.

And he’s got school, which seems to be an afterthought, but really, he’s pulling good grades, and is a credit to his row. What more can a mother ask?

I’m filled with admiration.

As a young music student I didn’t always feel like practising. And as a student of writing, I don’t always feel like writing, either. But like the RT, I keep going.

When all is said and done and his overly-full days are over, the Resident Teenager likes to kick back and glaze in front of his computer. And that’s okay by me; I might just follow his example on that, too.

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