“…I kept thinking that any one of Buster Keaton’s films give one the sense of the tragedy of the human situation, the weirdness of it all, the pathos of man’s trying to do the right thing – all in a twinkling, besides being FUN…”

- Elizabeth Bishop

It was such a thrill to be part of an event where five new books were launched. The fine people at Quattro Books really know how to put on a party; and they really know how to produce diverse and eclectic works of poetry and fiction. It was a privilege to stand on the stage and look out over the standing-room-only crowd and read bits and pieces of short stories to them from A Certain Grace, and then to sit down and listen to the other four authors read from their new books.

New books, new combinations of words creating brand-new poems and stories; interested and appreciative listeners eager to go home and finish reading what we’d started; a publisher willing and eager to put these words out in the world… It doesn’t get any better!

Now I must put the final polish on a piece I’m quite excited about, a guest blog post that will appear in the near future. It combines two of my favourite artists, Elizabeth Bishop and Buster Keaton, and that’s all I dare say without giving it all away! I’ll link to it in my next regular post. You may want to pour yourself a cup of tea and have a sit.

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