Launched Again

All books are divisible into two classes, the books of the hour and the books of all time.”

- John Ruskin

I dashed home late on Saturday night from Cape Breton (beautiful, by the way, the autumn colours sublime even in the rain, the setting sun bouncing off storm clouds as we drove through the mountains) in time to wash my socks for Monday morning’s flight to Toronto. Spent half the day agonizing over what to wear to the launch Tuesday night… finally I sorted it out, and spent the rest of the day making peace with my decision before realizing it would be downright balmy in Toronto, as opposed to Cape Breton crisp. Had to go through the exercise all over again. Argh!

Well, the launch was great. How exciting it was to see 140 people, give or take, out in force to cheer on four new novellas. Here’s a lovely blog about it, written much more coherently than I can possibly muster, given my post-launch fatigue.

Given my state, I’d better stop now before I blather and let any more typos past me.

It was great.

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