Like Any Other Monday

A novel by Binnie Brennan

Gaspereau Press, publisher

After breaking up the family act in 1916, Keatonesque comedic performer Billy Pascoe retreats to Muskoka to consider his prospects as a solo performer. Instead, Pascoe discovers an unlikely partner and straightman in Lucinda Hart, one half of a disbanded song-and-dance sister act. While still wrestling to mesh their vastly different experiences of rehearsal and performance, Pascoe & Hart hit the vaudeville circuit, perfecting their act, gaining each other’s trust and winning over audiences. Brennan’s portrayal of the intimate, often tenuous interactions underlying the collaborative creative process reminds us of the stage’s kinship with everyday life, where limits must be tested and risks taken in the pursuit of greater dreams.

Binnie's Books

In this tender, absorbing novel, Binnie Brennan evokes the magical world of vaudeville and delivers a poignant portrait of its pioneering comic genius, Buster Keaton.

Evelyn C. White, author of Alice Walker: A Life

Author Binnie Brennan has that rare ability to transport the reader into a lost time and another world: early 1900s vaudeville. She tells a tale that is charming and evocative… a world well worth visiting.

Patricia Eliot Tobias,
co-founder and President,
The International Buster Keaton Society