Maestro Mouse

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,” the Queen remarked to Alice.

- Lewis Carroll

A recent concert at the Dunn Theatre in Halifax sent me hurtling down Memory Lane . Well, it wasn’t so much the concert, as a lovely little reminder of a remarkable time in this writer/musician’s life, all thanks to a mouse.

I arrived at the hall forty minutes before the downbeat, and cast about in the wings for a place to put my viola case, coat, etc. It quickly became overcrowded in the Stage Right wing, so I scuttled over to Stage Left, where a few people had taken up residence with cello cases, etc. There was plenty of room, so I found a spot on a table, opened my case, and it promptly flopped backward, unsupported. A quick glance found me a better table where I could lean the opened case against the wall. Third time lucky.

While I was tightening  my bow, I noticed a tiny piece of graffiti scrawled on the concrete wall directly above my viola case. I squinted and moved in for a better look. To my complete surprise and delight, the words read:

“Maestro Mouse OWNS you!!!”

Maestro Mouse. My little mouse. He, Trixie Spider, Brianna Bee, and Morrisey Moth, all characters of my invention, leapt into my mind’s eye. Down Memory Lane I hurtled, as far back as 2007, when Symphony Nova Scotia and Dalhousie Theatre collaborated on a children’s story of mine (A Spider’s Tale). Never in my wildest dreams had I though anything like it could happen; I felt I was the luckiest writer on earth. Still do.

It was a delight to come across this little scrawl, likely left there by Maestro Mouse himself. Every now and again something comes along that feels like a good omen (I tend to ignore the bad ones…). I’ll take this one!

And if I see him again, I might point out to Maestro Mouse that, in fact, the reverse is true.


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