Memory Bank

“All writing is different levels of failure.”

- Mordechai Richler

The Non-Resident-Non-Teenager (NRNT) recently spent a long weekend at home. Together we walked the dog in the woods by the sea, where she breathed deeply of the salt air and commented on the birdsong. The air has been brittle and silent during the cold winter months, and while there was no sign of green, spring was definitely in the air, being rung in by the birds.

The NRNT took the sights and smells of the woods by the sea back to the big city, where she’ll pull them out of her memory-bank from time to time, just as I’ve been doing with snippets of wisdom gleaned from last summer’s writing camp.

A few pearls, useful at any time, but especially during a long winter:

“Writing is not an indulgence. The indulgences are what you’ve given up so you can write.”

“Be patient. You will write many more failures than successes. Be willing to fail.”

“Show up for work. Write like hell and live up to your predecessor.”

“Writer’s block is an attitude problem. Just lower your standards and keep on going.”

I scribbled like a fury trying to catch every word. I think I caught some good ones.

The birds are still at it, but it’s not time to put away the snow shovel just yet…

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