Mission Accomplished

I just love it when someone under thirty “gets it” about Buster Keaton and his silent film comedy brothers and sisters speeddating oslo. But when someone under twenty lights up with that combination of recognition and discovery, my head just about explodes with joy.

Dear Reader can imagine my delight when, following my talk/reading/screening at “Buster 101″ a few weeks ago, I fell into discussion with a 12-year-old boy. This was the first he’d ever heard about Buster Keaton, and the first silent movie he’d ever watched. His eyes were lit from the experience; he told me he loved it, he thought it was really funny, and no, there was no need for all that chatter in a film comedy. A young convert to silent film comedy, a new fan of a movie that was made 95 years ago.

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Mission accomplished.


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