“When I say “work” I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.”

- Margaret Laurence

I’ve just closed the final page on Helen Humphreys’ latest novel, The Reinvention of Love. I won’t review it other than to say that Humphreys has produced yet another elegantly written and thoroughly researched offering to the Canadian literary scene. I do recommend it.

I was particularly taken by a passage near the end of the book, a brilliant example of the use of memory in writing:

“I write this story down so I can enter it again. It is as simple as that. Writing does not recreate the moment so much as it stops it. And if the moment is stopped, one is able, finally, to get a clear look at it. One can walk around it and examine it from all sides. When a moment is in real time, it is always in flight. There is nothing to do but trail after it, or run to catch up.”


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