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“Jazz attracted me because in it I found a formal perfection and instrumental precision that I admire in classical music, but which popular music doesn’t have.”

- Django Reinhardt

Am I the last person on earth to be listening to CD’s? Because if I am, it’s a royal shame. I’ve always regarded CD’s as an entity, like a novel or a linked short story collection whose different parts are connected and important to one another as a whole. Besides, I’m hopeless with gadgets; the thought of downloading tunes into a matchbook-sized thingie sends me into anxieties.

On my CD player right now I have Darrell Grant’s Truth and Reconciliation, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, Tierney Sutton’s Dancing in the Dark, and a new one that absolutely turns my crank: Gypsophilia’s SA-BA-DA-OW!

Gypsophilia is a Halifax band, and never mind that I used to babysit one of the guitar players – these guys are amazing! I defy anyone to listen to the cover track and keep their feet still.  Gypsophilia’s hard-driving, swinging sound is pure delight, jazz and klezmer-influenced with a healthy dose of Django Reinhardt.

It’d be a real shame to miss out on the whole picture. I recommend SA-BA-DA-OW! , the entire CD, without hesitation.


Harbour View launch announcement:

- The Halifax launch will be on Monday, October 5, 7:30, Seasons Bistro/Atlantica Hotel Halifax

- The Toronto launch will be on Tuesday, October 20, 7:30, The Annex Live, Brunswick Ave


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