New Book, New Look

“What do I do? There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet. I jumble them around.”
~ Mordechai Richler

I’ve spent a lot of time jumbling and re-jumbling those twenty-six letters around during the months since my last post. The challenge I’d set for myself at the time, writing a story a week, lasted five weeks and yielded five stories, enough to prove a point to myself: that writing five stories in as many weeks is a crazy, exhausting thing to do possible.Big Story drafts crop 1a (2013)

Much jumbling in the meantime, and now I’d like to invite Dear Reader over to the Books page of my new website for a peek at what’s new. I’m pleased beyond measure to announce the forthcoming publication (by Gaspereau Press) of my vaudeville-era novel, Like Any Other Monday. The story is inspired by the research I’ve been doing for a few years now on the vaudevillian and silent-film comedian, Buster Keaton. The book should be on the shelves in September.

Hence the new website: New book, new look.

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