Novel #3

“It’s like the smoke after a fire – that’s the story.”
~ James Thierree Chaplin

I’m pecking away slowly at a manuscript, let’s call it Novel #3 for lack of another name. It’s been revealing itself bit by bit, not so much inching along as creeping by millimetres, some bits seemingly unrelated to others until I’m struck by an “aha!” idea that may or may not succeed in connecting them. So I try.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

So I try something else.

One of the challenges of writing this story is that it’s not emerging sequentially, but sort of from the inside-out. At this stage it feels kind of unwieldy and unpredictable, like an exuberant toddler that’s lurching about this way and that.

Desk (August 2016c2s)

Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don’t. And I don’t always know what to do with it once I’ve caught it.

But it’s a whole lot better to be writing something than writing nothing, even if by millimetres, not inches.

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