Raining Buckets, Revision, & a Non-Resolution

“Remember, it is no sign of weakness or defeat that your manuscript ends up in need of major surgery. This is a common occurrence in all writing, and among the best writers.”

- William Strunk Jr.

The expression “It’s raining buckets” has assumed new meaning as I drag a rain-filled garbage bucket away from under the faulty eaves and dump it on the lawn, well away from the house foundation. But I’m pleased to find that the basement is dry, so it’s worth the effort. A few degrees colder and I’d be shovelling snow, but apparently not on this rainy winter day.

After a few weeks away from my desk I’m drafting a thing to read at Mount Saint Vincent University, which I refuse to call a speech as I’m not one for speechifying. I’ve been invited to talk to a class about writing, with an emphasis on blog writing; also about the passion for an art and the skill needed to bring the art to life. Dear Reader might recall my thoughts on revision; in fact, Dear Reader won’t be surprised to know I’ve re-written this very blog post like stink, as I have every other blog I’ve written since 2008.

(Matter of fact, this blog started life as an observation of the Resident Canine’s new-found understanding that all wrapped Christmas presents must belong to her, ribbons being her only impediment, and what a drag it must be not to have opposable thumbs at Christmas time. But it wasn’t working, so I changed the subject. My blog; I can do what I want.)

On a different note, Harbour View has had a review in C’est la vie!, which is a lovely way to end a thrill-packed literary year. Now that Harbour View has reached the status of minor Canadian bestseller, I feel pumped and ready to move on with another writing project, a big one. My abandoned novel manuscript has ripened sufficiently on the shelf to be demanding some attention. After some polite hemming and hawing and tapping at the window, it’s now clobbering me over the head to get back to it, so that’s where I hope to immerse myself next. I look forward to doing so with mixed feelings. No resolutions, though; I can never live up to them.

And now that I’ve revised this post to my satisfaction, it’s time to go out and haul another garbage bucket-load of water. Then I’ll come back and see if the blog needs more work. Re-vision.

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