Rhymes with…

“… I improvised, crazed by the music… Even my teeth and eyes burned with fever. Each time I leaped I seemed to touch the sky and when I regained earth it seemed to be mine alone.”

- Josephine Baker

The heat of fever invades like a nasty blush. After a restless night, one awakens to sodden sheets and jammies, sweat beads resting on body parts you’d never have thought would sweat – ankles, for instance, and thumbs. From deep in the throat emerges a cough.

So begins the day.

We’ve already been paid a visit by this unwelcome guest. A few weeks ago the Resident Teenager languished for nine days before cabin fever replaced the other kind, and he gladly returned to school.

One could do without the return of this… this affliction. The only redeeming feature – and it is a stretch, I know – is that it rhymes with review. And the first one of those arrived a few days ago (you’ll find it on this page). It brings me cheer while I wait for my jammies to dry.

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