Shameless Plug

“I always start a book for money. If you’ve been married five times you have to.”

- Norman Mailer

Seen recently on my facebook page:

“The Chapters-Indigo flyer arrived today. They forgot to mention my novella, Harbour View, for those who are still looking for a great summer read. Harbour View is on the longlist for a ReLit Award, and was a finalist for a 2010 Atlantic Book Award. It’s available at Bookmark II (Halifax), Chapters, Coles, SmithBooks. Book City in Toronto also carries it, as does my website.”

I’m pleased to inform Dear Reader that Harbour View is Quattro Books’ top-selling novella. We’re just a few copies shy of reaching the designation of Minor Canadian Bestseller, which would be a first for both Quattro Books and yours truly!

How to thank kind readers who have bought and read and enjoyed Harbour View, and spread the word about it? Why, a giveaway, of course! The sixth person to send me a comment will receive a signed copy to read, re-read, give to a friend, or leave on a park bench for a stranger to pick up and enjoy.

There’s still a bit of summer left for reading. And then we’ll all need a Septemberbook.

(End plug: thank you for your patience.)

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