Something in the Air

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.”

- Carl Sandburg

Maybe it all started with last week’s launch of Wayson Choy’s new book, Not Yet(see what Mary has to say about it). It’s been a triumphant week for three of my writer friends, and I’m in the mood to blow their horns.

Friend Andrea had an acceptance from Room Magazine. Hooray! Her short story,Sending Alice to the Moon, will appear in Issue #32.2 (May 2009 - look for Andrea Johnston).

Then there’s Friend Renee*, whose short story The Thing About Luck is in the current issue (#144) of Descant, available at finer bookstores. Renee is one of the founding members of my writers’ group, so I’m especially pleased and proud to see her story in print, given that I might have goosed it a little it in its early days.

That’s two of my pals being published in outstanding Canadian literary journals. Wowza!

And if that weren’t enough good news, Friend Sheree’s* novel Kiss the Joy as it Flies has been shortlisted for the 2009 Stephen Leacock Humour Award. Woo-hoo!!

Brava to all concerned. I’m inspired, and thinking of Ian Colford’s words when he spoke at last summer’s writing camp: “We all gain when one of us is published.”

There’s definitely something in the air. Gonna get me some of that.

*This page is blue with links. Here are two more:

Renee Hartlieb

Sheree Fitch

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