“There is magic in storytelling.”

- Isabel Allende

I’ve just finished reading The Assassin’s Song, by MG Vassanji. Is it alchemy? Enchantment? Allurement? What is it about a particular combination of words that can bring a reader to tears?

There I was, minding my own business reading this rich, dense, and arresting story, feeling quite attached to the characters, when suddenly a death occurred. So beautifully and perfectly was it drawn that I gasped aloud and turned my head away. parental guidance . In fact, I had to close the book and collect myself, and I could not look upon those words again.

Occasionally music has a similar effect, as does a particular painting or photograph. It takes a master of words, notes, or images to bring us to the far reaches of our emotional range.

But it’s never happened before that the written word has compelled me to gasp and look away from a book. How’d he do that, I wondered, marvelling at MGV’s genius. Then I thought back to what had led up to the death, and nodded to myself.

And then I walked slowly upstairs to my writer’s garret and thought about it some more.

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