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Comedy’s Greatest Era

“Perhaps because ‘dry’ comedy is so much more rare than ‘dry’ wit, there are those people who never much cared for Keaton. Those who do cannot care mildly.” ~ James Agee, LIFE (September 5, 1949)

One Week

“I am sorry that… the museum, or some dime theater, isn’t showing every short film Keaton ever made, night and day, over and over. Barring only the best of Chaplin, they seem to me the most wonderful comedies ever made.” ~ James Agee (1946 review of a Museum of Modern Art anthology screening of silent movies)

First Picture: “The Butcher Boy”

“Spitting flour, he leaps up and continues with the mayhem, swinging brooms, tossing pies, dodging flour bombs and climbing the wall shelves, throwing everything within reach. It is chaos, exactly as he loves it.” ~ Binnie Brennan (Like Any Other Monday)