“Like wind for a sailboat, inspiration for creative work is vital but undependable.”

- Unknown

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving in our neck of the woods. There was much to be thankful for:

(Yes, I ended on a preposition. In this case, I don’t think the boys behind The Strunk would object.)

1. The Non-Resident-Non-Teenager flew home from a faraway land to partake of the Great Gobble with the whole family.

2. The Gobble was, indeed, great, and it served as a reminder of how many servings of pie one can manage before keeling over in a dead faint of apple-y, pumpkin-y bliss.

3. The fall colours around here – luscious blends of green, gold, and scarlet blanketing the trees. Further bliss.

4. An afternoon at the Fall Fair, spent sampling a new breed of Nova Scotian apple (SweeTango, yum), and admiring what the cows chose to reveal of themselves - in this case, as they faced the back of their stalls, their bovine nether regions.

5. Quattro Books for publishing a little book I wrote called Harbour View.

6. The surprise of a story - or rather, the sudden jolt of a continuation of Chapter 4 of Harbour View as we drove home from a walk by the sea. I’ve always had a particular attachment to Violet, and wondered what else happened in her life. Hmm…


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