Time Off

“The thinking mind is best controlled by the imagination.”

- Carson McCullers

The sun is out at last – blue sky peers through bare tree branches, scruffy-looking croci are near their season’s end, and daffodils are making their way upwards. My magnolia is offering up a few blossoms, but with night-time still hovering around freezing, it’s in no hurry to produce. Another few weeks and it’ll be a cloud of blossoms.

Taking time off from writing is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be. While I’m hard at it learning lots and lots and lots of music for work these days, there’s always a part of my mind fussing and fidgeting with words – whether it’s a Newspaper Blackout break from practising, a dazzling phrase or two jotted down from the book I’m reading, or planning my course of action for writing this summer – during my non-music moments I’m restless with it, looking forward to settling back into my writing life.

That’ll be right about when the magnolia is a-puff with blooms. Lovely.

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