Time to Think

“A short story is as long as a piece of string.”

- Alistair MacLeod

The Symphony season has ended. The weather is damp, cold, and uninviting, perfect conditions for me to put my writer’s hat on, dust off my nice new desk, and get back to work. I’m happy to get back to the fiction-writing way of thinking, that is, going inwards and messing around with ideas and invented worlds and lives, all of which leads to Story. What a great time for this blog post to come along, with its stern reminders about the craft of story-writing. A few points especially caught my eye:

“… the ending does, in fact, provide the primary context of a story. If you begin writing without one you are writing without context, and that’s almost always a fatal mistake…”

Also this:

“If you can’t describe your story in one compelling sentence, you probably can’t tell it in 20,000 compelling sentences… An enlightened writer knows (she) needs to work on that one sentence before working on the other 19,999.”

I have found other ways to the end of a story, and it takes a lot of time and effort. But these are good reminders; nothing I haven’t heard before, and good to think about as I plunge back into my writing life.

Now it’s time to think.

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