To Do

On my desk I keep a small notebook in which I list on a fresh page every day the day’s tasks. It helps me keep organized on a reasonably straight track as I make my way through the week. I’ve come to rely on my to-do list, especially this past year while juggling work and putting a new book out in the world with the demands of everyday life.

I just now checked today’s list, and it looks something like this:

Mon. 9 March, 2015:
- gym
- practise for tomorrow night’s concert
- email so-and-so re. such-and-such
- email someone else about something else
- 3:00 meeting about a thing
- laundry
- write

I stared at the list for a minute; something didn’t look right.

Why is that final reminder last on the list? Why is it after laundry, for heaven’s sake!

To Do list (2015_c2_s)

My name is Binnie Brennan, and I’m a writer. Today I’m going to write.



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