Tuppence a Bag

This morning I clambered over the rock-hard snowdrift in front of my house and filled the bird feeders with homemade suet cakes. There was snowfall through the night, enough to cover the by-now filthy mounds of snow and the six-inch deep ice that covers the sidewalks. It’s deceptively pretty, and as I went about my task it seemed as though I was inside a snow cave deep in the woods, far away from the street and occasional car driving past, less than ten feet away.

We make peace with the snow any way we can. Some of us paint snowscapes or write the season out of our system. Others ski or skate or snowshoe, partake in slippery, cold winter sports to keep sane during the dark days of winter. For my part, it’s feeding the birds, not quite tuppence a bag, but almost, as I make my own suet cakes. Then I spy on the birds through the lens of my camera from the warm side of the window.

Winter Starlings 13 (March 2015_s)

Suet cake recipe:

1 c peanut butter
1/2 cup lard
3 c corn meal
2 c mixed seeds (raw sunflower seeds, millet, pantry bits and bobs, or bird seed)

Melt lard and p-butter in a saucepan. Combine in a large bowl with other ingredients. Press into a wax paper-lined cookie sheet; cut into squares. Freeze the pan until cakes are solid, then feed the birds.




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