Village Retreat

“A scream, the echo of a scream, hangs over that Nova Scotian village. No one hears it; it hangs there forever, a slight stain in those pure blue skies, skies that travellers compare to those of Switzerland, too dark, too blue, so that they seem to keep on darkening a little more around the horizon – or is it around the rim of the eyes? – the colour of the cloud of bloom on the elm trees, the violet on the fields of oats; something darkening over the woods and waters as well as the sky. The scream hangs like that, unheard, in memory – in the past, in the present, and those years between. It was not even loud to begin with, perhaps. It just came there to live, forever – not loud, just alive forever. Its pitch would be the pitch of my village. Flick the lightning rod on top of the church steeple with your fingernail and you will hear it.”

- Elizabeth Bishop, “In the Village” (story excerpt)

I highly recommend a peek at this website, followed by putting this book under serious consideration the next time Dear Reader feels inspired to add to her library.

While you do that, I’ll carry on packing my things and getting organised for a wee writing retreat. How fortunate I am to be allowed the time and space to read and write within a stone’s throw of the lightning rod on top of the church steeple (yes,that lightning rod on that church steeple!), “on red, gravelly roads, down rows of sugar maples, past clapboard farmhouses and neat, clapboard churches.”

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