Well and Truly Launched!

Three launches in three weeks in three different cities. What a thrill it’s been, and a lovely way to send this book out into the world!buster-keaton-like-any-other-monday

Many thanks to family, friends, book sellers, strangers, and new friends who have supported the launching of Like Any Other Monday from near and far. When I think about my weird little obsession with a vaudevillian-turned-film comedian that began nearly three years ago, it’s hard to believe a novel has come of it. I can’t thank Gaspereau Press enough for saying yes, and for producing such a beautiful book.

Recently I did a video interview talking about vaudeville, Buster Keaton and his life as a vaudevillian, also about why I wrote the novel. Here’s the link to my book page, where anyone who’s interested can watch the interview. One can also order a signed copy of the book from me through my website on this page.

I’ve got more book-related events happening around Nova Scotia this weekend, and will soon be posting on my Events page a couple of really fun things – November will be busy with some readings Ontario (Kingston and Toronto), can’t wait! A few more readings later on in November and December, still to be confirmed.




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