Writing is Rewriting

“Half my life is an act of revision.”

- John Irving

As I near the anniversary of A Spider’s Tale, I can’t help but think of my mantra: Writing is rewriting.

It took me seven years of rewriting A Spider’s Tale before it was ready to become a stage play. During those seven years it survived many revisions, including aNutcracker version I was quite partial to, but which didn’t serve our purposes. I knew there was a great little story in there, to do with a spider descending from the stage lights on a silk thread and landing on my viola. There were so many ways of wrapping fiction around that one true, slightly earth-shattering moment in my life, but it took seven years of trying before I found the one that would have an audience.

And that was just the beginning.

It then took half a year of heavy revising and experimenting on the part of the playwright students with whom I collaborated before we turned my twenty-page story into a forty-page script. Then the supervising playwright made a final rewrite to present to the stage director. buy a domain . israel . During the three-month rehearsal period, the two of them reworked the script at least a half-dozen times, the final draft coming in so close to opening night we were all sweating bullets.

It may have taken seven years of rewriting, but in the end, A Spider’s Tale worked. Trixie Spider made her graceful way down the silk thread and danced on my viola, and the audience loved it.

Writing is rewriting.

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