Writing, Writing, Writing

“My education was the liberty I had to read indiscriminately and all the time, with my eyes hanging out.”

- Dylan Thomas

It’s been a summer of writing, writing, and more writing. It feels as though I sat down at my desk early in May and haven’t really lifted my head since. Creative opportunities such as this one don’t come along very often; the chance to learn, to immerse myself, and to write freely, is a gift.

This gift has allowed me – insisted on – my exploring new (to me) areas of the craft of writing, and doing things a different way. For one thing, there is a strong historical/biographical element to the piece, for which I’ve had to grant myself permission to riff on history as I’ve explored the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction. It’s been a little scary, to be honest; usually the people I write about are inventions of my imagination.

There’s plenty more going on, but at this early and fragile stage of the game, I’m better off keeping my yap shut.

It’s a terrific adventure, one I hadn’t planned on, but I’m a willing accomplice to the muse – Thalia, in fact, has been urging me along. We’ve still got work to do. One of these days I’ll lift my head.


(Many thanks for cheering on A Certain Grace for the Giller Readers’ Choice Contest. Congratulations to Peggy Blair, whose book The Beggar’s Opera placed first!)

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