Last week’s reading in Toronto was a total gas. I was thrilled to see the house packed with fiction enthusiasts, and loved spending time with the three other readers. And those Quattro fellows know how to throw a party! Yes, my knees knocked, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading from Harbour View. I’ll read to people at the drop of a hat.

With one of my children now home and the other on his way from far cities, I can turn my attention to the holiday season. Here’s what I’ve decided:

This year I am not:

- Cooking Christmas dinner
- Baking Christmas cookies
- Killing myself to make sure everyone in the household is happy. They are adults. They are happy with or without my help (most likely the latter).

This year I am:

- Enjoying performing Nutcracker and Messiah. There’s something lovely about seeing little girls dressed up like presents in their bows and frills and twinkly shoes, and watching people smiling in the audience that puts me in a good mood.
- Checking out the city’s lights on Christmas Eve with my daughter and anyone who can stand to come along with us and listen to our critique. We have high standards that leave little room for lame displays and plenty of room for fabulousness.
- Putting up my feet on Christmas day, eating bon-bons and reading a book. This I know because I bought the bon-bons and handed them to Someone to wrap (the same Someone to whom I handed my Wish List).

Wishing all a peaceful holiday and a book-filled New Year.


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